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Sewing courses currently available

In this contemporary fashion climate, the demands for quality in design and the desire for bespoke tailoring is ever present and growing. 

As the excitement of modern technology continues to broaden it's horizons, the original techniques upon which it stands on, are rapidly vanishing with the last generation of experts currently exiting the workforce. Due to the large void between those leaving the field, and the newer generation eager to learn, there is now fierce urgency to preserve techniques and foster the new generation of creators into this skilled trade in America.

Here in Pittsburgh, PA, with it's rich history of innovation and hard work ethic, we at H Lane Dry Goods decided it was the most appropriate place to roll up our sleeves, and assist in creating the needed & desired renaissance in these skilled trade techniques, currently under threat. The desire is for H Lane to become an affordable destination here in the U.S. for those seeking education in European techniques, thus inspiring new creators and preservation of the trade.





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